Whether you just signed up for a rec league,

Weekend Warrior Rx Training Strategies for Desk Jockeys and Really Busy People… were talked into an alumni soccer game or just want to feel better with your regular workouts, you have come to the right place.

I specialize in exercises for desk jockeys, rec athletes and busy people who want to move and feel better now.

I am a 42 year old husband, father of three and fitness business owner … I am busy, and aren’t we all, but I still want to play ball (and well.) I don’t have time for 90 minute workouts any more, so I have fine tuned the best bang for your buck moves I do to continue running with the young guys.

Feel better tomorrow!

In under 10 minutes a day, you can do these same exercises to reduce low back, knee, heel and other common pains that are holding you back on the court, field, course and rink.

Stretch, Strength & At Home Rehab Videos

I play basketball, but whatever your sport, you will learn easy ways to perform daily, general maintenance on your body as well as restore the strength and performance you once had. Here are a few sample videos.

(For more on designing your workout and understanding the 10 #everydaystrength & Sport Strength Moves”, click here: Design Your Own Weekend Warrior Workout.)

Javelin Press + 18″ Step Up – works Vertical Pressing Strength, Single Leg Stepping Strength & Conditioning

Core Strength – Plank Rotators with New York Islander, Scott Mayfield to integrate your core engagement with your upper and lower body

Kettlebell Loaded Straight Leg Sit Up with New York Islander, Scott Mayfield

Battling Ropes – Side to Side Shuffle for Lateral Power & Conditioning

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Community Videos & Highlights

Find inspiration and ideas for your next workout with videos and testimonials of clients and friends in our community training in the Weekend Warrior Rx System.

Training Journal (July 12, 2015): Front squat 200 lbs x 3 …

Mother-Daughter Tennis Players …

B Will making 165 Trap Bar Deadlift look easy …