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What is YOUR Definition of Fitness?

Friday, May 23rd, 2014
Picking Up a Child is one way to define Fitness with Dave Reddy

A “fit” mom may mean she has the ability to pick up her child easily. Focusing on this task may result in a tight core, strong back and proper squatting mechanics.

“Fitness is the ability to perform a task.”

Performing a given task may require specific skills or attributes including speed, endurance, flexibility, balance, accuracy, power and agility.

Who is more fit? The Olympic weight lifter, the professional basketball player or the marathon runner? Each “fit” athlete attempts to master a few different attributes specific to their task.

“I can’t tell you what fitness is until you tell me what you want.”

The point is that when you want to become fit, decide what fitness means for you … what task(s) do you want or need to perform during your work and play? (Check out the picture on the right.) Then figure out what attributes will help you do that task.

Train a few times per week at home or at the gym to improve those attributes while keeping these questions in mind:

  • what is the purpose of each exercise I am doing? (this is particularly important with the stretches we do, as the only reason we stretch is to improve the movements that lead to performing our desired task.)
  • which movement (task) or fitness attribute (endurance, balance, etc) are you specifically improving?
Kettlebell Goblet Squat with Fitness Teacher and Coach, Dave Reddy

A goblet squat builds total body, “every day” strength from head to toe while providing a sweet metabolic effect which in turn burns more calories.

Answer these two questions and then build motivation by doing these three things:

  1. set short-term goals (double your plank time, touch your toes, lose 2 lbs, increase your maximum number of push ups by one repetition),
  2. find cool people to join you in the effort (an exercise class, boot camp or online community),
  3. consider how much you need to enjoy the actual exercise versus enjoying just the results. Zumba may be fun and enjoyable today, but running sprints, jumping rope and doing kettlebell goblet squats  (pictured right) will deliver faster and longer lasting bang for your buck. One may not be better than the other, but you may stick to one exercise longer and that is most important (especially in the beginning.)

Finally, please remember, form follows function. Focusing on functional, purposeful exercise first will not only  improve your health, fitness and longevity potential, but will help you build towards all of the form/vanity/superficial/”holy cow it’s Memorial Day weekend and I have to wear a t-shirt” goals you may have.

How Do You Get Through Your Day? Richie Parker: Drive – Inspirational ESPN Video

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Story of Richie Parker on Dave Reddy's Blog“We understood some of the dangers (of riding a bike) … but we welded on these extra long handle bars … and after that … he was just a kid riding his bike.”

This sounds like a pretty normal statement from a Dad about his son … except for this Dad, who’s son was born with no arms.

Check out this awesome ESPN Documentary – Richie Parker – DRIVE. It’s about 7 minutes long and worth the watch … I love every quote about and from the parents in particular. I am as inspired by the parents to be a better parent as I am about Mr. Parker succeeding in life with such incredible challenges.

I often talk about your resourcefulness, especially when it comes to setting weight loss goals. I ask you to think about how often your negativity or guilt about food and exercise literally blocks out your ability to be patient and hopeful as you move forward. Today, consider all of the Divine Virtues … temperance, patience, diligence, faith, hope, fortitude … honestly, don’t we all hope to be just a little bit more mindful of these things during our daily weight loss and fitness challenges? But aren’t these the same qualities we just can’t seem to hold onto when it matters and we seem to be slipping in the opposite direction of our original intentions?

Considering this, take a moment to witness someone like this who’s survival requires all of these virtues nearly every minute of his life.

That is awesome. I don’t post these “inspirational stories” often, but I thought this was worth it.

I think Richie’s perspective is one of simplicity. Simplicity is always a good thing.

Gandhi the Weight Loss Coach

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Here is something we should all remind ourselves of when we are looking for excuses:     

The only common denominator among every program you have ever done, every weight loss book or DVD you have ever purchased, or trainer you have worked with … is YOU.    

 Tough love? Yes. The absolute truth, so help you God? Yeppers. Do you remember your grade school math? Addition, division, common denominators? Not too difficult, right? (more…)