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Hey, It’s All About the Calories, Right? Not! | Poliquin Lifestyle Article Re-Post

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
Food is Fuel! Dave Reddy

What are you putting in your tank?

‘Course that ignores all the other things that sugar does besides provide (empty) calories: like raise blood sugar, depress the immune system, rob the body of calcium and use up mineral stores. But that’s another story.

This quote (from the article linked to below) is referring to the idea that all you need to do is “burn” more calories than you eat to lose weight. If only it was that simple. trainers and weight loss coaches would have degrees in Mathematics instead of Anatomy & Physiology.

I stumbled upon this enlightening (and pretty short and sweet) article reiterating the problem with counting calories, both when eating and “burning” calories in your attempts to lose or manage your weight.

Frankly, as with too many things in the fitness “industry”, you are being sold bad science … or at least outdated, short sided, incomplete science at best.

Check out the link below for more. In the meantime, remember, when it comes to your food, focus on these four things: (more…)