WWRx Supplements

Check out my basic food focus first to see how I fuel for my training and life … then below is how I “supplement” my food, it is not a substitute.

4 reasons I use supplements:

  1. Convenience – if I had the time to grill chicken, lean beef and salmon all day every day, I would live on that and eggs as my protein, but that isn’t happening. So whether I have time after a workout or 3 minutes between clients, it is really easy to suck down 50 grams of whey protein and get on with my day.
  2. Our Food is Depleted  – along with the convenience factor of always preparing the best food, we find out every day how depleted our food is of its natural vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, phyto-chemicals, etc, so getting a full range of healthy, seasonal, live and balanced food can be pretty darned tough. Therefore, I supplement with digestive enzymes to aid in digestion, and I cycle HCL and probiotics as well along with a few other vitamins and minerals you would ideally find in food.
  3. Our Body Needs More – this probably complements the first two reasons, but things like Zinc and Magnesium are tough to come by in the amounts I believe a 40 year old guy needs. To reduce stress, improve sleep (and therefore recovery) and help maintain testosterone levels, a good ZMA stack or just zinc and magnesium before you go to sleep at night may be key to your Rx stack.
  4. Lower Calorie Fuel – I don’t count calories, but just so you understand what I mean here, I listed this as “lower calorie.” I use Branched Chain Amino Acids as a high quality protein supplement that is virtually calorie free. I also sometimes use a fiber supplement and a greens source that comes in powder, so you aren’t consuming the calories that typically come with these.

WWRx Daily Supplements

Here is the general list of supplements that I have stuck with over the years, especially after hitting 40. I am more religious about taking some of them than others, but they are all listed. Soon I will announce when and at what local supplement store you can order 1-3 month supplies of this stack.

  • Coconut Oil – I list this as a supplement because I do not like coconut at all, but scoop 1-2 tablespoons mid morning and early evening every day.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Only get Braggs Organic “with Mother” – this one you will see getting more popular and put in all sorts of drinks. It is commonly used in salad dressing, but I take this every morning and evening, mixing it into ice water with a few slices of lemon. This is great for energy, and I feel it most with water retention, rather it helps me drop water after eating crap the day before. Youtube the benefits, you will hear crazy testimonials of weight loss, energy and more.
  • BCAA’s – 20-60 grams / day. I use Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA 5000 Powder as I believe it has the best (which is still really nasty) flavor. I usually just scoop it in a table spoon directly into my mouth and wash it down with water.
  • Zinc – 150-250 mg / day. I take 50-100 g in the morning with a protein/fatty meal, and then I take 100 mg at night before bed time with my Magnesium.
  • Magnesium – 800-1200 mg / day. I take all of this at night with my zinc. I typically buy NOW Nutrition Magnesium Citrate.
  • Weekend Warrior Rx Supplement Stack includes NOW Nutrition Super Enzymes for digesting proteins and fats

    I take 1-2 capsules of these primarily before protein/fat meals

    Whey Protein – 50-150 grams / day. I aim for 3 servings of real food protein, and 2 servings of powder protein when I am using whey protein powder. I typically use BulkSupplements from Amazon.com.

  • Omega 3 – this is a liquid fish oil supplement I buy from Supplement Superstore. I usually take 2-3 tablespoons / day.
  • Vitamin C – 1000-3000 grams / day. This is the primary anti-oxidant I use, though some studies are saying we should let our body fend off free radicals more often as this strengthens our system. Vitamin C can also may also help you break down and get rid of caffeine to help you down off of a high or help you get to sleep at night if you need to flush out your system.
  • Fiber – I use Whole Psyllium Husk Powder. This is the real deal, Evander Holyfield fiber supplement, but when staying lean and regular, especially on a higher protein diet, you needs yourself some fiber. I mix 2 tablespoonds of this at a time in a glass of ice water and suck it down while it is still mixing/stirring.
  • Digestive Enyzmes – I use NOW Nutrition Super Enzymes to help with digestion. Depending how raw you are eating and the types and colors of foods you take in, you probably do not have sufficient enzymes breaking down your food.

Expensive urine? Maybe. Many “experts” will say taking supplements will only give you expensive urine and little else. If you are peeing flourescent yellow all the time and are taking gobs of mutli-vitamins, then yes, this is probably true. Instead I focus on a few areas of necessity:

  • good sleep
  • recovery from training and everyday stresses
  • keeping my testosterone up
  • healthy digestion

*Depending on my budget, I will also cycle probiotics in and out of my plan.

So there you go, a snap shot of what I call the Weekend Warrior Rx Supplement Stack. You may ask which ones are most important or if you were to only do a few of these, which ones? Well that depends on you. Looking at your program through the lenses of supplements … look at it like this:

  1. eat real, whole foods to get your nutrients like protein, fiber, etc.
  2. keep your digestive system healthy and strong
  3. get your rest and recover between days/workouts/games.

If you are honestly struggling to get any of these in, focus your supplement budget there. Then always remember you are only getting older, so read anything you can about keeping your T levels up.