Training Journal

“I have enough in the bank to cover tragedy, and I have enough time to help a buddy move a couch. I have enough energy to train and, enough energy after I train to still enjoy some entertainment with my family.” – Dan John, Strength Coach & Author

We all have different goals and visions for what it means to be healthy, balanced, in shape, etc … and I think Coach John sums it up pretty well in this quote above. I have always separated what I “do for a living” and how I live and train on the side, but after meeting so many people like me who want to compete (if not simply have fun on the playing field) while now managing work, family, marriage and so many other obligations, I thought I have some pretty well-rounded experience and insight to share.

Below are a few training-journal videos I produce from time to time to track my own progress. In the last 13 years, I have met and married my best friend, begun a new job, built up my small business, have had 3 children and 2 foot surgeries. I am always working on coming back stronger than ever on the basketball court and otherwise …

… if you have any questions about the best stretches, exercises and time-saving tips to increase your energy, staying healthy and improving your performance while reducing aches and pains, please contact me today.

“Battling Ropes” are a sah-weet tool for sport specific agility and conditioning:

A favorite superset of mine, developing both upper body single arm strength and step up/jumping power – not to mention throwing your heart rate through the roof!

Trap Bar Deadlift

This essentially takes the learning curve out of performing a traditional straight bar deadlift. Below I am knocking out a set of 5 reps with around 335 lbs. This is one of the best total body exercises for strength, athletic performance and burning fat.

Here is a video from Oct. 2007, 6 weeks before my first daughter was born.

For more R2P Weekend Warrior Training: