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Circuit Training, Fat Loss and Meal Timing – REDDY TO LIVE Recap

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

“Dave what would you define as a light dinner?”

Protein Packed Breakfast Perfect for Weight Loss, Energy and Muscle Gains - Dave ReddyWell, let me ask you in return … what would YOU define as a “light dinner”?

Oh I don’t know … vegetable soup with beef and lots of veggies, maybe with some noodles and/or dumplings on the side, because my kids love my dumplings, along with some corn bread and maybe some watermelon or other fruit. I guess that would be a typical dinner for us. Not sure if that is light, so I thought I would ask …

And this is where we began our night, with an awesome question that deserves an awesome discussion, and that is what followed.

So the debate rages on … are carbs to blame? Are fats to blame? Is it the breads? The sugars? The beef? And so our discussion went last night Dec. 5th.

So to keep it simple, here is a recap of our discussion. You can also check out my video recap and printable PDF below:

  • Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell – Debra Water House – recommended book of the evening
  • Lipogenic vs Lipolytic Enzymes – Debra Waterhouse points out in her book, women are born with more “lypogenic” or fat-storing enzymes than men, and when they go on a calorie restricted diet, these enzymes actually increase in number! Whoah! I know, right? So DO NOT DIET! Instead …
  • Meal Planning & Timing – eat a big breakfast that is protein dominant (picture to the right), eat a balanced lunch and a light, smaller dinner.
  • Do not eat within 3 hours before your bed time.
  • My protein packed breakfast this morning (pictured) – 3 scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, hash browns and a few raspberries. (This was our family breakfast)
  • *Note the ratio of protein and fat to carbs. I ate this at 6:45 am and will ate again (a balanced lunch) around 10:30 or 11:00 am. I plan to train at 2 pm today, 3 hours after my lunch, which gives my body time to digest the food so that all of my energy can go into my workout.
  • “Light Dinner” question answered – so the short answer to the question above about what is a light dinner is individual to each of you. In this particular case, I asked, “what is your favorite side of the noodles, dumplings, corn bread or watermelon?” Choose one of those and have only that with your soup. Or, eat just the soup at 5:30 pm, and then enjoy the watermelon or whatever your favorite thing is an hour later so that it is about 3 hours before bed time. Consider the ratio of carbs to fat to protein … simply eliminating a few sides from our dinners could mean hundreds of calories and several pounds lost a month.
  • Circuit Training for Fat Loss – we covered this as well, basically stating that to set up 3-5 exercises to do in a row, working at about 70-80% intensity (7 out of 10 in other words) straight through one circuit, and then resting for 60-90 seconds and repeating 3-6 times is one of the most efficient, effective routines you can do to optimally burn calories and kick your resting metabolism into overdrive for the next 24-48 hours!
  • Check out some other posts or videos on my YouTube channel for examples for these circuits to do at home or the gym, or email me at and ask about this.

Here is my video recap that also breaks down a few of these ideas:

Dec 5th, 2012 Printable PDF Hand Out (Opens up in new window)

Please comment below and tell me what you think … check in next week for my next REDDY TO LIVE Group Workout & Coaching Program Recap. Thanks!!

Mayfield To NY Islanders in NHL 2nd Round Draft (Training Pics & More)

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Scott Mayfield ripping out a mean set of dumbbell pressesIn the fall of 2008, Webster Groves Hockey Coach Dave Garth asked me to work with his team. One thing I really enjoy as a strength coach working with a team is early on having no idea how any of the athletes perform on the  playing field. I only know them in the weight room, and I prefer it that way. I go into the job knowing I can coach them to become stronger and better athletes, regardless of where that athleticism will translate into performance on the basketball court, soccer field, or in this case, the ice rink. I walk into the weight room and give my initial talk to the team, and then wait to see which athletes really grasp the idea and work ethic required in the off-season to make real improvements entering each new season.

I remember coming home one night after a team workout and saying to Tara, “hun, I have no idea how good of a hockey player this Scott kid is, but man he is fun to work with. He just gets it, he asks the best questions, and really wants to get better at every skill and challenge I throw at him.”

Turns out, at the time, Scott was maybe the 2nd, if not the 3rd or 4th most talented player on the team, but that was before his sophomore year in high school. By year’s end he was receiving national recognition. After continuallly improving, and taking advantage of every opportunity he had in the following years, it all culminated when he was picked 34th (2nd round) in the National Hockey League draft a few weeks ago on June 25th. (more…)