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Mayfield To NY Islanders in NHL 2nd Round Draft (Training Pics & More)

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Scott Mayfield ripping out a mean set of dumbbell pressesIn the fall of 2008, Webster Groves Hockey Coach Dave Garth asked me to work with his team. One thing I really enjoy as a strength coach working with a team is early on having no idea how any of the athletes perform on the  playing field. I only know them in the weight room, and I prefer it that way. I go into the job knowing I can coach them to become stronger and better athletes, regardless of where that athleticism will translate into performance on the basketball court, soccer field, or in this case, the ice rink. I walk into the weight room and give my initial talk to the team, and then wait to see which athletes really grasp the idea and work ethic required in the off-season to make real improvements entering each new season.

I remember coming home one night after a team workout and saying to Tara, “hun, I have no idea how good of a hockey player this Scott kid is, but man he is fun to work with. He just gets it, he asks the best questions, and really wants to get better at every skill and challenge I throw at him.”

Turns out, at the time, Scott was maybe the 2nd, if not the 3rd or 4th most talented player on the team, but that was before his sophomore year in high school. By year’s end he was receiving national recognition. After continuallly improving, and taking advantage of every opportunity he had in the following years, it all culminated when he was picked 34th (2nd round) in the National Hockey League draft a few weeks ago on June 25th. (more…)