Youth Curriculum

… for young athletes and K-12 students. The exercises here can be used by coaches and PE Teachers to assess and improve the quality of movement. Sadly, coaches and fitness professionals know much more about exercise than we do movement.

The Presidential Physical Fitness Test for example has been an OK exercise performance test, but does not consider quality of movement. Before assessing quantity of movement (speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, weight lifted, miles run), we want to ensure quality movement to ensure proper mechanics and therefore reduce (future) injury. Just as importantly, when we prioritize quality of movement first, we do not favor athletic children who perform well while others would rather sit the bench. As Physical Therapist and Author Gray Cook says, “movement is the great equalizer”, especially with our students.

Lifestyle Curriculum

Practicing the 10 Pillars of Catholic Fitness can lead any person towards living a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. The pillars include Food & Fasting, Water, Exercise, Sleep, Self Expression & Discipline, Service and more.

Physical Literacy Curriculum

While we tend to focus on lifestyle related challenges such as obesity, an equally important emphasis should be placed on body awareness, physical literacy and human performance. This curriculum, currently in development for schools, teaches a series of universal principles used by the top fitness experts, physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors and other human performance specialists. This curriculum will include a series of physical benchmarks and learning outcomes that can be considered a 21st century version of the presidential physical fitness tests.

Movement & Mobility Exercises for Coaches, Teachers & Parents

These are great warm up exercises before PE class, sports practice or any time during the day to get students up and out of their desk chairs to encourage movement, reinforce healthy movement patterns and get the wiggles out before sitting down to focus.


(Instructional videos coming soon.)