Junior High and High School Athlete Strength Training with Certified Strength Coach Dave Reddy in Richmond Heights and Webster Groves

Hockey player, Scott Mayfield (pictured) played at Webster Groves HS before working his way up to the New York Islanders system where he currently plays.

As early as 12 years old can be an ideal for an athlete to learn his or her body in the context of weight training. Especially with so many young athletes specializing in one sport so early on, it is vital to complement this single sport specific conditioning with a multi-directional, functional movement emphasized, approach for strength training. I work with incoming freshmen who simply want to feel more comfortable walking into a high school weight room for the first time, to developing elite high school athletes who plan to take their game to the college or professional level. An open line of communication is prioritized to ensure everyone is on the same page, concerning the athlete’s academic success, productive weight training sessions, and recovery strategies including proper sleep patterns and healthy nutrition habits.

1-on-1 or partner coaching – call me today to discuss weekly and other program formats for your athlete’s pre-, -post or off-season times.

Strength & Performance Camp – call today to discuss with Dave a strength and performance camp for your team – in groups of 3 to 20 athletes. Typically groups will meet 1-2x/week for 4 week programs. This program is perfect for off-season athletes.

Basketball Big Man Strength & Skills Program

My success as a four year letter college basketball player at the Division II level was largely due to my work in the weight room. Today I continue to coach young ball players focusing on three things:

  1. keep them healthy and on the court by building an athletic durability starting with sleep and nutrition habits along with learning to stretch and strengthen the appropriate areas of the body to reduce chances for injury,
  2. develop in them the total athlete – integrating strength, explosiveness, change of direction and end to end quickness and speed along with conditioning so they are performing in the fourth quarter the same as tip off,
  3. associate all of this strength, conditioning, recovery and durability directly with their basketball skills on the court.

I have seen athletes improve their strength and power performance on the court within weeks as their confidence and understanding for how the weight room carries over to their play is implemented from day one.

Today most young ball players want to face the basket while skilled, low post, back to the basket footwork and confidence are going instinct – and coaches at every level know this – so when they witness a younger player demonstrating explosiveness and body awareness in the low post along with a knowledge of how to dominate the paint on the offensive and defensive end, they cannot pass him or her up. These skills are key for success at every position, not just forwards and centers, as even guards get mismatch situations.

I coach in one-on-one and small group formats, males and females, ages 12-20 years at the Webster Groves Rec Complex. The facility has a weight room and a basketball court and time is taken to develop both strength and skills during the 60-75 minute workouts.

Programs run about six weeks, meeting with the athlete 1-3 times per week. Each athlete is expected to do “homework” as well which may include weight room workouts, at home stretching, food and/or sleep journaling and homework check in’s.

Please call me today at 314-477-6520 to talk about your goals for your athlete – we can meet in person, obligation free to discuss opportunities, programs and formats available.