Design Your Weekend Warrior Plan

“Decide your own, personal definition of fitness before designing your training routine. Consider who is more fit, the marathon runner, power lifter or a parent who wants to pick up his young children without throwing out his back? It’s all relative.”

WWRx exercises are daily, apple a day type exercises that are up there with brushing your teeth. If you do them daily, or almost every day, you can do a pretty good job of keeping the rust off. WWRx exercises focus on quality of movement. This must come first. Then there is your quantity of movement. If you want to be fit, get into shape and perform well, it is going to take some work. It will take a good quantity of work. So if you are re-focusing on quality today with the WWRx program, and you want to now develop better balance with the quantity of fitness you are doing, here is a simple template to follow.

The below is for those of you who are making time to exercise for 30-60 minutes a day, maybe 2-5 days per week.

You can skin your workout routine cat a hundred ways, but designing your daily or weekly training routine really does not have to be rocket science. Here is the train of thought I use every 6-8 weeks when throwing together a new weekly “split.”

Training Terminology:

  • Fitness – fitness can be defined as your ability to perform a task. Performing a given tasks demands any number of fitness attributes: strength, power, balance, agility, flexibility, speed, endurance, etc. Decide what your own, personal definition of fitness is before designing your training routine. Consider who is more fit, the marathon runner, power lifter or a parent who wants to pick up his young children without throwing out his back? It’s all relative.
  • Corrective Mobility – mobility can be defined as your ability to express your joints through their entire range of motion, considering your genetics, limbs lengths and current restrictions. Assuming we have some baseline of “good movement” or healthy mobility, we are always attempting to restore or “correct” our movement patterns to reduce injury risk and compensation patterns. Therefore, when you stretch and do other corrective exercises, do them with the purpose of correcting your potential problem areas.
  • Workout Split – if designing a workout by the week, this is the days you are training and the exercises, movements or body parts you are hitting each day. It is amazing the classic bodybuilding split from the 70’s: Day 1: Chest/Tris, Day 2: Back/Bis, Day 3: Legs/Shoulders, Day 4: Off, Repeat – is still being used by so many people. The Muscle and Fitness magazines of the world have this crazy way of recycling the same information for decades.
  • Superset – alternating between 2 exercises, you will typically pair exercises that hit different fundamental movements. A kettlebell swing/farmers Walk superset is an awesome pairing.
  • Circuit – 3 or more exercises you would perform in a succession – there are many ways to perform a circuit, some of which I note below
  • Work Capacity – this is key for getting into shape, and is probably the simplest, yet effective way for increasing your overall fitness level. This is the amount of work you can complete in a given amount of time. If you can do 50 push ups in 60 seconds, and in 4 weeks you can do 55 push ups in 60 seconds, you just increased your work capacity.
  • EMOM – every minute on the minute – this is a great technique for getting the most bang for your buck in a given amount of time. 10 sets of 10 squats EMOM means you begin a stop watch, then perform 10 squats, then rest for the rest of that first minute. You begin each set “on the minute” for 10 minutes. You can increase intensity by increasing your work capacity each week by adding 1 rep to each set each workout. This is also called “density training”, where you are making the given time as “dense” with work as you can during that given amount of time.
  • #EverydayStrength Moves – there are several ways to list these, and I actually use 10 moves in my programming, but for now, I will use Dan John’s basic list here. The movements we should all focus on are: Carry, Hinge, Squat, Pull, Push. The six move then is the one you aren’t doing, and includes more complex moves like a Turkish Get Up.
Weekend Warrior Rx Creator Dave Reddy skipping with Army reservists.

When working with Army reservists, I know that skipping is a great “6th Move” they do not practice enough to improve overall athleticism and power.

Design Your Plan:

So here is a quick way to design your weekly split. For a 2-3x/week total body plan, choose 1-2 exercises from each of the categories (based on the Fundamental Human Movements) below and there is your workout. If you do this for your workout MWF, you would do conditioning and corrective mobility the other days of the week.

Exercise Categories and Sample Exercises


  • kettlebell or dumbbell farmers walk


  • kettlebell swing
  • barbell stiff leg (Romanian) dead lift
  • barbell (conventional) dead lift
  • single leg dead lift


  • bodyweight squat
  • barbell back or front squat
  • goblet squat
  • single leg squat off of chair or bench


  • pull or chin ups
  • seated cable row
  • bentover dumbbell row
  • TRX rows


  • push ups
  • barbell press
  • incline dumbbell press
  • standing single or double cable press

The Sixth or Other Exercise

  • Turkish get up
  • Agility exercises (skipping, grapevine, side shuffle, back pedal)
  • Lunges (walking or stationary)
  • Crawling (any kind is awesome – Spiderman, infant, leopard)

Your Total Body Routine

So here is your 2-3x/week total body workout (at home with a couple of dumbbells or at your gym) that will keep you in great shape for your weekly pick up game or kick ball tournament:

Mon-Wed-Fri : 30-50 minutes

Warm Up

  • Weekend Warrior Rx Stretching Series
  • Roll out one area of your body (hams/inner thigh, upper back/glutes, quads/IT band, shins/calves)
This is me performing a kettlebell goblet squat

This is me performing a kettlebell goblet squat

Strength Supersets and Circuits

  • Dumbbell Carry <> Push Ups
  • Goblet Squat <> Bent Dumbbell Row
  • Single Leg Dumbbell Pick Up <> Plank Rows

Optional WWRx Finisher

  • Straight Leg Sit Up <> Crawling

Cool Down

  • Seated-Wall Hamstring & Butterfly <> Press Up/Tuck and Reach Mobility Circuit

Tue-Thu-Sat: 20-40 minutes

WWRx Exercises & Conditioning

  • 10 minutes of corrective mobility for that day (based on the WWRx 6 Week Program)

Conditioning of your choice – 10-40 minutes

  • walk/run
  • pick up ball
  • spin/bike

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