… exercises for seniors, active adults and everyone else.

As a fitness teacher and coach, I help people develop (or restore) “everyday strength.” This includes improving the strength to perform everyday tasks such as pushing, pulling, stepping, squatting, kneeling and more. Along the way, we learn physical maintenance exercises to help reduce the chance of chronic aches, pains and injuries.

I have done several #everydaystrength Exercise videos with the Signature Medical Group. Here are a few samples:

Relieve Tired and Tense Muscles with a Tennis Ball – using just a tennis ball, learn to reduce stress and release knotted up and tight muscles through simple self-massage techniques for your shoulders, back and feet.

Walking Exercises to Improve Balance and Agility – these can be done anywhere. Add these to your outdoors walk or practice them in your basement 5 minutes per day.

Sit-to-Stand Strengthening Exercises – one of the most fundamental and important moves is to stand up from a chair, particularly a lower chair, couch or toilet. Work on these without using your hands and during your day, think about how often you use your arms or other assist to get up and down.

Exercises to Improve Your Posture – practice these if you feel no pain in your shoulders, as they will strengthen the smaller posture muscles up and down your back.

Stair Stepping Exercises to Improve Strength and Balance for Mature, Active Adults – you cannot practice this move enough, whether at the community center gym or in your basement, step up and down off your steps different ways.

Stair Modified Push Ups for Active Adults – increase your upper body strength with this “pressing strength” move – it can be performed on your pool table, stair case or counter top.

More videos are always being posted. If you would like to us to answer your question by video, please click on the Contact Page and tell us what you would like to see. Thanks!