You Are What You Consume

“You are what you eat” is among the best nutrition advice if understood and practiced.

Think about it, if you consider your body will rebuild your bone and muscle and brain cells specifically with the food you eat, would you think twice about tossing back a sugar-latent coffee and two donuts for breakfast every day?

Similarly, your thoughts and emotions are formed from  information you consume throughout the day. The music, social media posts, gossip, TV shows (and commercials), movies and magazines you and your children consume make up your perspective about the world.

This is not a one way street, especially for children who are still forming their frame, or perspective, of the world around them. What goes into your mind and heart comes out in the way we relate to others in action and words.

You are what you eat. You are how you move. You are what you consume.

Choose wisely, for you AND your kids. I love that my wife continually teachers our children:

“your eyes and ears are the windows to your heart, mind and soul.”

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