Planking 101 – Short versus Long Plank Holds and More Tips

Planks are pretty popular for “core training”, but are rarely done effectively. They can be great for improving your breathing and creating total body tension which is key to increasing your strength and power. Whatever type of plank you are practicing, try doing them in intervals of 10-20 sec versus holding for longer 60+ sec where you will usually end up hanging on stretched out muscles and do more harm than good.

Start with your elbows on the floor, forearms parallel, and focus on taking deep breaths while contracting your fists, abs, glutes and quads all at the same time. If you do this, a 15 sec plank will be wicked tough and crazy effective … your finisher for tomorrow is a 20 sec plank followed by a 10 sec rest x 8 rounds. Let me know how that treats you and check out the pictures and videos for more tips …


Check out these videos for a few plank variations to incorporate into your next workout:

Walking Plank (Up Up Down Down Planks) – 3 per side

Plank & Side Plank Goals

Side Plank with Hip Dips

Walk Out Planks

Plank Rotators

Split-Squat / Plank Superset

Try this quick workout next time you train:

Tabata Plank Interval:

Hold an Elbows & Toes Plank for 20 seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Repeat this for 8 rounds. Really hold your plank tight, forearms parallel, glutes and quads tight and breath normally or more deeply than usual.

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