Pretty good habits lead to pretty good results.

When we want to get into shape, we really want to improve one of four things: to move, feel, look and/or play better. Think about your health and fitness goals. Those four things pretty much sum it up. No one goal is more important than the others, as long as they are in balance.

Setting short-term goals keeps us driven in the moment. The key though is to keep your goals in the front of your mind and your behaviors aligned with these goals. Most importantly, be honest with yourself about this alignment.

This discussion is always an interesting one, and, all too common. Follow along here and let me know when you catch on. This conversation just happened this morning:

“What’s up sister … so how are you feeling with everything … your workouts, our training ….?”

“I feel toned and definitely feel strong and all around better, but I guess I just can’t lose weight.”

“OK, so you are concerned then most right now about the way you look?”

“Well, I look OK, but honestly, I could lose more around my waist and arms. Well, really? I want to look GREAT next month for my trip to the beach.”

“OK, I get it. How is your food right now?”

“Well that’s the thing. I actually am eating pretty good. So I don’t get it.”

“So how do you want to look and feel at the beach?”

“Great. At least better than I would today.”

“OK, so how are you eating?”

“I just told you, I am pretty much on track. I am doing pretty good with my food.”

“OK, well first, you look better than “pretty good”, but again … how do you want to look and feel on the beach in your swimsuit?”

“Oh, I am being a knucklehead, aren’t I?”

“Ready to go workout?”


No matter your goals, “pretty good” behaviors lead to “pretty good” results. And pretty good might really be awesome for most people, especially for a busy 39-year-old mother of 3 as this conversation was with, so don’t sell yourself short. If everyone ate pretty good and trained pretty good and slept pretty good, our country’s state of health and fitness would be so much better than it is today. Just be honest with yourself about your goals and your effort.


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