How Do You Get Through Your Day? Richie Parker: Drive – Inspirational ESPN Video

Story of Richie Parker on Dave Reddy's Blog“We understood some of the dangers (of riding a bike) … but we welded on these extra long handle bars … and after that … he was just a kid riding his bike.”

This sounds like a pretty normal statement from a Dad about his son … except for this Dad, who’s son was born with no arms.

Check out this awesome ESPN Documentary – Richie Parker – DRIVE. It’s about 7 minutes long and worth the watch … I love every quote about and from the parents in particular. I am as inspired by the parents to be a better parent as I am about Mr. Parker succeeding in life with such incredible challenges.

I often talk about your resourcefulness, especially when it comes to setting weight loss goals. I ask you to think about how often your negativity or guilt about food and exercise literally blocks out your ability to be patient and hopeful as you move forward. Today, consider all of the Divine Virtues … temperance, patience, diligence, faith, hope, fortitude … honestly, don’t we all hope to be just a little bit more mindful of these things during our daily weight loss and fitness challenges? But aren’t these the same qualities we just can’t seem to hold onto when it matters and we seem to be slipping in the opposite direction of our original intentions?

Considering this, take a moment to witness someone like this who’s survival requires all of these virtues nearly every minute of his life.

That is awesome. I don’t post these “inspirational stories” often, but I thought this was worth it.

I think Richie’s perspective is one of simplicity. Simplicity is always a good thing.


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